"Did they ask you for an encore?" Clawdeen Wolf

Talon Show is the second webisode by Monster High.


At the Fashion Show, Cleo De Nile is doing an egyptian-style dance to a cheering crowd. When she finishes, she recieves an amazing reception from the audience and Deuce Gorgon. Clawdeen Wolf makes a comment, but Ghoulia Yelps calls Clawdeen onto the stage. Suddenly, Cleo gets an idea.

Clawdeen comes onto the stage, but Cleo turns on the spotlight. Clawdeen thinks that it is a full moon, and her wolf persona takes over. She finds herself dancing to the music, and this impresses the crowd majorly. But Deuce discovers Cleo at the spotlight.

Soon, Clawdeen discovers what has happened, but Frankie, Draculaura and Lagoona along with the rest of the audience cheer and Clawdeen feels admired. She struts off the stage, to find an angry Cleo, who smashes the mirror.

Characters FeaturedEdit

Clawdeen Wolf

Cleo De Nile

Frankie Stein


Lagoona Blue

Deuce Gorgon

Ghoulia Yelps


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