This is the Monster High Basic Frankie Stein Doll


Frankie Stein with her dog Watzit as they appear in the Webisodes and Various Animated Pictures

Frankie Stein is a character in the Monster High franchise. She is played by Brianna Rankine. She is the daughter of Frankenstein. they are 15 days old.When their stitches get loose one (or more)of their body parts fly off often land somewhere. Their favorite color is black and white. Their favourite food is everything they tried. Her pet peeve is when her father says "It's Alive!" when she goes upstairs. Frankie has a pet called Watzit who's pet licence is 10 pages long. Her favorite and least subject is History and Swimming. Her Best Friends are Clawdeen and Draculaura. ==In the webisodes== ===Personality=== In the webisodes, Frankie is kind and helps her friends in the bad situations that happen, even though sometimes she causes the problems herself (as seen in Bad Scare Day). She is confident, but her body parts (mainly her hands) seem to fly off at the worst of times. Frankie is a very caring and loving monster. Her dad made her Watzit, a dog created from various things. ===Looks=== Frankie has black and white hair and pale green skin. In the webisodes, she wears a blue and red plaid dress, a spotty tie, blue earrings, black and white striped shoes and a black and red bag. She has various stitches all over her body, and wears bolts in her neck. Her best friends tell her that she has a perfect figure for fashion, although Frankie doesn't understand it. ===Trivia=== *Frankie seems to be an expert in cheerleading, although she does not know it. (Fear Squad) *Frankie is seen in most of the webisodes, and is the main character in the upcoming book. *By being only 15 days old, Frankie is the youngest out of her main group of friends. *Frankie's earrings are the Monster High scullete. ==Merchandise== Frankie is prominent in merchandise. She has dolls in the Basic and Dawn of the Dance waves, as well as a Fortune Skull and the newest wave, Gloom Beach. Also, in an exclusive seen in no other doll, a black-and-white version of the basic Frankie doll was shown at SDCC 2010.A costume was made of her.She also has a key chain and cell phone charm.Her pet Whatzit has an elecrto-cutie and a cross pet. ==Links== Frankie Stein's bio on