"Most of you will NOT survive the cut!" Cleo De Nile

Fear Squad is the third webisode from Monster High


Frankie is calling someone on the phone, but she is late for class and has to go. However, there are a crowd of zombies walking very slowly, and Frankie can't cut through the crowd. She has an idea and decides to cut through the Gymnasium.

Cleo is about to lead fear squad, where Draculaura, Lagoona, Ghoulia and some others stand. Cleo explains that to be in the squad is hard and most will not succeed. Just after Ghoulia opts out, Frankie comes in running, and she trips over a weight, landing in a split-legs position, and her hand falls off. She chases the hand in a gymnastic-routine style, and finally gets it.

The whole crowd is shocked, and Frankie realises what happens. Cleo declares it unacceptable, but Lagoona interrupts, saying that Frankie is exceptional and exactly what they want. Draculaura tells her that she made the fear-leading team, and they perform a last routine to 'Fright Song'.


Frankie Stein

Cleo De Nile

Lagoona Blue


Ghoulia Yelps


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