Deuce gorgon

A comparison of Deuce Gorgon in promotion and his doll

Deuce Gorgon is a primary character in the Monster High franchise. He is the son of Medusa. He has to wear sunglasses so that he doesn't turn them into rock accidently. His favourite color is neon green. His favourite food is Greek Monster Fusion because it's his own creation. His pet peeve is people who annoy him. He has a two-tailed rat called Perseus. He was called Perseus because there was a Greek soldier that his mum knew. She didn't think it was funny. His favourite and least subject is Culinary Arts. He pretends to hate it but he doesn't.

In the webisodesEdit


Deuce is generally nice to everyone but unlike his mum, he can turn people into stone for around 24 hours. His girlfriend is Cleo De Nile, but Deuce respects people when Cloe doesn't. Also Frankie Stein has a crush on him.


Deuce has green eyes, green snakes for hair which he calls a Snakehawk and scales on his arm. He wears a red top, black trousers, a grey jacket and checkered shoes.


Deuce is packaged with Cleo De Nile in the Basic doll wave.


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