Cleo de Nile

Cleo de NileEdit

the daughter of the Mummy of Imhotep from the 1932 film The Mummy, she is a 5,842-year-old Egyptian princess. Cleo is an extreme perfectionist to the point where she drives everyone else around her ragged. She has olive skin wrapped with stray mummy bandages and frequently wears Ancient Egyptian jewelry. Revealed in Ghoulia's diary, Cleo dated Clawd, Clawdeen's brother, up until the day before she and Deuce started dating. She has a bejeweled cobra named Hissete.



Cleo lives with her father "in this palace that looks like a movie set with servants and all. . . .They're like rockstars or something."


Cleo's attitude means she sometimes has an uneasy relationship with the ghouls of Monster High, but they are all friendly with her, except for Clawdeen Wolf. Clawdeen is angry with Cleo for dumping her brother Clawd, though they can be civil when required.

She is particular friends with Ghoulia Yelps, and they even plan their school schedules together. Ghoulia often serves as Cleo's personal assistant (Fear Squad). Cleo sometimes takes Ghoulia for granted, and on several occasions takes advantage of her (Copy Canine, Mad Science Fair).


Cleo is dating Deuce Gorgon. She used to date Clawdeen Wolf's brother Clawd, but according to Ghoulia it ended badly. Doesn't help that Cleo started dating Deuce the next day.

Cleo de Nile in the Monster High booksEdit

In the book, Cleo is much nicer to the other girls, even Clawdeen. Cleo and Melody have a constant feud, started with Melody accidentally bumping into Cleo in the school cafeteria. Cleo kisses Jackson, turning him into DJ, and Melody eventually starts using Deuce against her. Cleo helps out with Frankie trying to get the RADs out of hiding when she learns Deuce is going to the Monster Mash with Melody.

Style and LifeEdit

Cleo is an Egyptian Princess complete with headress, exotic jewelry and stray bandage wrapping. Also, Cleo is scared of the dark but does not show it. Her favorite color is gold and her favorite food is grapes. She likes it when people are feeding it to her. She hates it when people don't obey her. She expects everyone to treat her like the princess she is. Cleo likes ruling the halls of Monster High and being the captain of the fearleadind squad. She likes geometry because of the triangles and pyramids. She hates history because of how old she is. Since she is 5,842 years old, she has met everyone in history.