Cleo De Nile

Cleo De Nile is a character in the Monster High franchise. She is the daughter of The Mummy and Cleopatra. She is usually mean and pessimistic She hates the dark. Her favourite color is gold. Her favourite food is grapes. Her pet peeve is when someone doesn't obey her. She has a pet Toy Owl  who she carries in her purse. Her favourite school subjects are English,Music,and now Line-dancing

In the webisodesEdit


Cleo is a character who usually sabotages something.but has lost her marbles and she lost them years ago


Cleo has dark brown and gold hair, wears gold bandages and earrings, and a blue top and beauty mark. In Dawn Of The Dance, Cleo's hair was much shorter and it had gold streaks in. Unlike most times, she was not wearing any banadges.fave character in friends is Janine and many fashion items(the 1st episode I saw was The One with the Fake Monica)


in the Basic line as well as a seperate doll in the Dawn of the Dance line. She has a fortune skull too. lots of toys and games plus makeover and dress-up games all to do with Friends Star Janine who now is a fashion designer she also enjoys dressing up model Ross Gellar,


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